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I have never been told or taught to carb count… I have worked out what a plate of food is in terms of units of my own back though. I don’t think I could handle carb counting properly, would do my head in…

These points are very interesting/useful for me though:
2. Testing after meals. Testing before was always a given, but testing after will tell you a lot. Around 1-1.5 and 2-3 hours after are pretty useful. Helps you to identify which foods/meals are spiking your bgs

4. For massive carb-fest blowouts get to know your insulin’s activity curve. If you suddenly whack in double your normal mealtime dose cos you’re on holiday and are having chips on the beach you may well find that you’ll go hypo after your meal (too much insulin all at once) and then drift high later (as your gut gradually chugs through the stodge). Consider splitting the dose into two or three staged deliveries an hour or so apart.

Thanks @Mike! I have just been told by my new specialist doctor to do record some after meal BG levels for him, and have realised I’ve been being an idiot not to do that anyway! It’s amazing how well you can control diabetes while not knowing some really important things! I suppose it just makes it harder not knowing…