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Hairy Gnome

Was that 70 carbs = 7 units or 7 carbs = 70 units x 4 divided by the number you first thought of x pi + the circumference of the Nurburgring divided by the speed of light… bugger it, I’ll bung 60 units in and see what happens. Now do I shoot up 60 units and have a Mars bar or shoot up 60 units and keep a Mars bar handy? What about a Cadbury’s Creme Egg even? Does the fact it’s a bar of Fairtrade dark chocolate make a difference? Damn, I’d rather have a bacon sarney… with brown sauce… on white bread… with real butter… an’ fizzy pop… lots of fizzy pop… an’ sweeties… wine gums… us loves wine gums us does… (Teloz shuffles off into the darkness mumbling and drooling about chocolate, sweeties and cream cakes…) :D