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Hairy Gnome

My diabetic experience has been pretty similar to @neobrainless‘. Nobody has ever mentioned carb counting to me, though I had an understanding of basic nutrition, so I understood the concept of carbs/as energy/as blood glucose. As most of you know I’m shooting up ox-killing quantities of insulin, but the only system I’ve used is morning test, test before meals, plus occasional random tests, though sometimes I’ll not test at all for a day. Generally I’ve equated insulin use to total calorific intake rather than isolating carbs; one chocolate bar=one spag boll; one cream cake=egg and chips, and so on.

Apart from occasional lapses when I’ve abandoned testing altogether and eaten anything that didn’t moo or move, my HbA1c has been around 7.5. Anything as precise as @Tim‘s, “This meal is 70g carbs, I’m 1u:10g so 7u should cover it…”, seems to belong in the realms of sorcery or science-fiction! My biggest problem is that, living alone, I cook for myself so I always overeat (I’ve overeaten since I was a child, it’s a long story), psychologically I’m almost incapable of throwing food away and supermarket portioning is usually aimed at couples.

Still nobody ever said life was going to be easy did they? :D