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I wasn’t told anything about carb counting when I was diagnosed. But logic applied to the reading material given and a little internet research told me that I should adjust my dose with the different amount of food. So I have developed a rough carb counting scheme, without even knowing! A course would have been helpful though – it took me a while to realise that meat isn’t full of energy! :P Cue MANY after roast hypos :(

So it is completely do-able – until the last 6 months my HbA1cs have been around 7-9.

I’m going to see a diabetes nurse tomorrow, so I will ask about a course and see if I’m in a carb counting area! I have found that my doctor and nurse at my surgery seem to think they can say ‘try this amount for this meal, and see if it improves’. I just took it to mean ‘try a bit more, cause you’re running high’. I have found I am better at fixing problems on my own, I just need a kick up the arse to care about my bloods again every now and then…