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I left hospital in 1976 with an A4 piece of paper which said Foods you cannot eat on one side and foods you can with weights and approx tablespoonfuls. Infact I still have a copy and most of the info is still up to date!

By taking carb counting away it allows people more freedom (which is good) but for many diabetics they haven’t learnt the basic understanding of insulin:food ratio. Instead they just shove food into themselves and can only suffer the consequences.

I was amazed and learnt very little when I went on my pump/carb course (apart from 2 jelly babies are good for hypo’s)

Again its up to us to seek the help needed nothing is ever explained properly and no one is bothered. No one cares if your up all night because you’ve not carb counted and the curry you had was at bit more than you anticipated!

Id like to know before the meters were introduced did I actually ever have a true hypo or was it just the sensation of a hypo as my bloods had dropped from say 15 to 10?