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@Teloz: I hear you on the overeating when living alone! Happens every night without fail – no matter how hard I try to reduce the meal on past experience, I end up eating too much…

After the most in depth discussion of my diabetes and how I’m coping with it to date, and the look of shock/horror on the nurses face today when I said I’d never even been offered a nutrition/carb counting course, I think I’ve moved into one of the better areas in terms of Diabetaids support! The nutritionist happened to be free, and was happy to give me a 25 minute crash course to get me started! :) Made me late for another date, but can’t have everything ;)

That said I’m not sure how much use I’ll find it. I’ll try, but carb counting for everything seems like a helluva ball-ache to me :S Until recently I have muddled along pretty well, and I think I’ve got a handle on it all again now. Still, I’ll try and see how it works for me :) Might get me some time off work anyway :P

@Mike I think I may have to start recording more stuff, the BG booklet from the doctor has helped a bit, but I think I may try a more comprehensive version (size of meals/excessive exercise, etc) and see if it helps. It will soothe the inner-nerd at least :P