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Colour certainly plays a large part in classifying our lives considering 10% of men are colour blind.

I found out something mind-boggling (to me) a little while ago. We have 3 types of cone receptors tin our eyes, all of which respond to a different wavelength of light. And of course each of these colours, which range in hue and saturation etc, can all mix with the other colours to make new colours which means we have thousands of colours to see. But birds have an extra cone, the one that can see ultraviolet. We have no conception of just what colour that is – we know that the shading is different of a flower which has ultraviolet colours in it when viewed under ultra violet light, rather like a colour blind person can pick up deepnesses of colours they cannot perceive, but we can’t see the shade that it actually is as we don’t have the equipment in our eyes or brains to do so. And so birds that can see ultraviolet (nocturnal birds can’t) can see all the colous in the ultaviolet spectrum as well as the mixes of those colours with all the colours we can see. Wow.