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I still have one. It is extrememly easy to use – designed by a diabetic and very user friendly. You sort of know how to use it without being told, your hands and fingers seem to do the right things.

It has a myriad of features the Minimed does not. And of those that both have, the Cozmo version is much easier and quicker to use.

It has a number, in fact any number of home screens. As well as your name, date, time with a picture of how full your cartridge and batteries are, you can scroll through windows or have any of them them showing all time to show the time of your last bolus (very useful if you forget if you’ve done it or not like me) time when you should next change your needle site (function minimed does not have), which basal pattern you are using and just what part of the basal dose is being given at that moment, what your last glucose was, how much insulin there is on board and how much time remaining for examples.

It’s completely waterproof. You can get a meal menu on it so if you have set meals you can easily choose the right amount of insulin for it. You can also set each meal to have a set amount of insulin, and as I have the same amount of carbs at each meal this is very useful and much quicker than putting them in each time. I can have as many basal patterns and rates over 24 hours as I want. If I want another lot of insulin for anything the pump calculates how much insulin I have on board and reduces the dose to account for this, and tells me by how much if I want to override it.

You can use any infusion set at all with it. Setting it up and changing site takes half the time and is much more user friendly than with the Minimed.

I have a system of alarms set up – the Minimed has alarms but not as many and I found them difficult to use – on mine the pump alarms half an hour before a meal so I can do my bolus, but then again half an hour later in case the meal is going to be later, and half an hour after that for the same reason. The minimed will not do this.

I can add a correction bolus at any time and if there is enough insulin on brasd already it will tell me and warn me not to. i can set temporary rates for basals.Very easily get to the place to see my history, both just boluses and complete.

If you want to stop delivery you can push one button, but the pump asks you if you are sure, and you have to CHANGE the side of the button you are pressing to say yes. On the minimed (I think it’s the Minimed) you can easily stop the pump by accident.

That’s just some of the reasons…