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I look at the letters page first always, it’s my fave too. I am much happier that nowadays they at least let letters in about animal insulin – I wrote so many, over so many years, and they were always ignored.

I’ve always thought not carb counting to be MADNESS. I was diagnosed 40 years ago, by my GP, who gave me a calorie diet by mistake and no help whatsoever, but a few years later after innumerable hypos at night at least I was given a ‘line’ diet by my next Dr.

I simply cannot understand how diabetics are supposed to match their insulin requirements against the food they eat and get it right unless they know how much carbohydrate there is in everything. Its always struck me rather like that fashion for not teaching children how to spell.
Except that it’s taken a lot longer for them to come to their senses and even now they don’t teach anyone!

Of course there were things wrong with the old ‘line’ or ‘exchange’ diet. For example they thought diabetics were too simple to work it unless they made ALL food into 10g portions. that meant a piece of bread was 10g, so was an apple. Which meant a person very sensitive to food and insulin rations was at a big disadvantage, not realising until I got my pump that actually a small piece of bread is more like 15g and an apple can be 22g.

Perhaps we could have a dedicated rant page here Tim? With roars and claps and fire and scream icons?