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ShootUp meet up in Liverpool, this Saturday 14 April

Excitement is building with only days to go until the first ShootUp meet up in Liverpool. Tim and I, plus our pancreatically privileged other halves will be in Doctor Duncan’s pub, St John’s Lane, Liverpool this Saturday, 14 April from 7.30pm. It’s nice and central, just past Queens Square bus station and down the hill from Lime Street Station.… Read More »

Shoot Up meet up – Liverpool

If only I could spend a pleasant evening chatting with some other pancreatically challenged types… well now you can. If this is your dream (and why wouldn’t it be) come along to the latest Shoot Up meet up in sunny Liverpool. We’ll be in the hugely glamorous (well, it does reasonable beer and is near… Read More »

More group therapy goodies

It seems to be the month for group therapy. Following my local Diabetes UK meeting a couple of weeks ago I spent a happy few hours last night in our local hospital. They run a coffee evening a couple of times a year for all those who’ve mastered the dark art of carb counting and insulin adjustment through… Read More »

Group therapy

I went to my local Diabetes UK meeting last night. I tend to do most of my diabetes “you show me yours I’ll show you mine” activity online nowadays, but I do venture out into the real world occasionally. I pick my meetings carefully. I find the alcohol intake needed to offset the depression caused by… Read More »

One year of pumping

Bring out cake, candles, streamers and booze! My pump – Englebert Pumperdinck – is a year old today. Technical he’s not, I’m not actually sure how old my pump is. But I have now been pumping for a whole year, so I imagine that amounts to pretty much the same thing. So what are my… Read More »