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Pull Yourself Together!

ShootUp’s resident Type 2 Terry gives a personal insight into the complication of diabetes we often forget…depression.  How often has that been said to you?  Maybe not very often, because people have learned to avoid using this somewhat patronising phrase when people are suffering from depression.  There, I’ve said it, the big ’D’ word; depression.… Read More »

Type Two or not Type Two?

Around twenty-five years ago in a doctor’s surgery somewhere in the East Midlands: ‘Well Mr Gnome, we have the results of your tests, and I’m sorry to tell you you’re  diabetic.’ ‘So?’ Even as I asked the stupid question a poorly remembered vision of my grandmother’s leg, adorned with an ulcer as big as my… Read More »

Review – Accu-Chek Mobile

A gnomish review of an innovative device. What’s in the box? The device comes in the standard sort of meter packaging, a windowed box which displays the meter.  Inside is the meter, of course, a separately packaged test cassette, a lancet cassette for the FastClix finger stabbing device, and half a rainforest. Actually, the half… Read More »