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DUK says nine out of 10 parents unaware of type 1 symptoms

Everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity – Diabetes UK  – delivered their latest press release round to my kennel today. They’re launching a new campaign banging on about the “4 Ts” of Type 1 diabetes symptoms. You can read the full press release below; for those too lazy to read, there’s a lovely animated version on… Read More »

Diabetic kids take part in the Games

The Paralympics may be big news at the moment, but this dog is chasing his tail with excitement over the snappily named East of England Paediatric Diabetic Games. Diabetes specialist nurse, professional pancreas (she has Type 1 too) and general girl wonder Claire Pesterfield  brought together 200 children with diabetes from 17 hospitals for their own… Read More »

Diabetics cost more than dogs…probably

This dog thought vets fees were expensive, but apparently diabetics cost even more to keep than dogs. The latest figures show that the 40 million prescriptions for diabetes drugs issued by the NHS each year cost over £760m. Type 1s smugly point out that there are more Type 2s so they’re obviously the ones taking… Read More »

Type 1’s are living longer

This dog was chasing his tail with glee to see some positive diabetes news. It seems those with Type 1 are not doomed to an early death – the latest studies show that “participants diagnosed with type 1 between 1965 and 1980 lived around 15 years longer than participants diagnosed between 1950 and 1964. During… Read More »

Abbott to apply for .dot abbott

Yet again the crazy worlds of diabetes and Internet intellectual property have collided. Those that care about such things (a very small minority if we’re honest) will be interested to learn that everyone’s second favourite pharma company Abbott has today applied for the new top level domain name .dot abbott. So instead of having a… Read More »

JDRF gets new President – HRH The Duchess of Cornwall

The JDRF sent me a press release this morning. They have a fancy new high-profile President. I think they’re quite pleased about it! The press release goes: HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to take Royal role in JDRF type 1 diabetes charity JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity, is delighted to announce that Her Royal… Read More »