Day one

By | 6 June, 2013


I’m currently sitting here in a rather nice bed and breakfast in Corbridge having completed the first day of the Roman Rumble for the wonderful Pendsey Trust. Today we have been blessed with absolutely wonderful weather, which is a bit of the disadvantage in that wearing a Roman costume in hot weather is not very pleasant. To be frank, it’s somewhat sweaty.

However, we’ve had a lot of attention (including some from an irate motorist who called us both ‘pricks’, but the less said about that the better, especially as we were in the wrong, cycling up a one way street…) and have raised even more cash en route.

We had our picture taken at the cafe we had lunch in (so they could put it on their blog) and the National Trust people at the birthplace of George Stephenson also took our picture to put on their Facebook page (both with links to our charity page).

Tomorrow is set fair and we have some decent hills to tackle. However our landlady has promised us a massive breakfast so hills won’t be a problem.

If you haven’t already, then click the Charity link at the top of the page to chuck a few dubloons at a wonderful charity. Whoop whoop!

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5 thoughts on “Day one

  1. brian

    ‘ Iā€™m currently sitting here in a rather nice bed and breakfast in Corbridge ….’

    Ah, so its only the costume that is Roman, not the lifestyle šŸ™‚

  2. Alison

    I demand a refund, I thought I was sponsoring a bona fide roman experience not a little cycle between nice comfy beds šŸ˜‰

    Day one complete, congrats.

  3. Tim Post author

    We plan to drink lots of Roman style wine if that’s any help to you…

  4. The Pendsey Trust

    We are all gunning for you at the Pendsey Trust. Sounds like a real adventure and a great challenge and it is amazing you have met so many people along the way. Keep on cycling!!! Lucy


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