The 28 week scan

By | 12 February, 2013

We’ve just returned from the 28 week scan and the news is good. I’m delighted to say that our child is perfectly average. She’s hovering around the 50th percentile for size and weight, which is just what we wanted to hear. I feel a bit like she’s been on a WeightWatcher’s plan since conception there’s been that many people keeping a keen eye out for any signs of diabetes related weight gain. And so far, there’s nothing to see but a perfect little baby.

If we can't photo the baby from the inside, we'll have to make do with a shot of the outside

If we can’t photo the baby from the inside, we’ll have to make do with a shot of the outside

Worryingly we are starting to see some genetic traits shining through. She seems to have inherited an awkward gene from somewhere. I can’t think where, I blame her father. We were hoping for a nice smiley picture from the scan, but while she gave us cracking glimpses of her healthy looking heart, kidneys, spine and brain her face remained resolutely covered by her hands and feet so we didn’t get a decent pic. So you’ll have to make do with one from the outside instead.

And to be doubly awkward she’s currently the wrong way up. Apparently 30% of babies are breech at this stage, with just 4% staying that way by 36 weeks. So we’re crossing fingers that she figures out which way is up, or down, soon and otherwise staying relaxed about the whole thing because ultimately she will come out one way or another.

Diabetes news is good too. HbA1c is now 5.1%. The only disappointment in this is that in the marital HbA1c betting syndicate my money was on 5.3% while the husband was spot on at 5.1%. I do hate it when he’s right. When we accidently blurted this out in the appointment the consultant told us that he thinks we need to get a life. I fear he may be right.

Having read a terrifying book on baby led breastfeeding which seemed to involved feeding the baby non-stop until it’s about 8, we went to a hospital breastfeeding class last night and I’m feeling much better about the whole thing now. I had a very sensible conversation with the breastfeeding coordinator who said they are more than happy to help diabetic mums to harvest colostrum to feed their babies with immediately after birth to help prevent low blood sugars. This is a vast improvement on the initial conversation I had with a Dr where they reacted like I’d suggested taking my baby to McDonalds for its first meal.

So, aside from the backache, ;

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9 thoughts on “The 28 week scan

  1. lizz

    Hooray! So glad all is well. And breastfeeding cuts down the likelihood of later diabetes, so nothing could be better. I had to make sure I had loads of stuff by me to eat/drink though!

    Little bit disappointed with the picture, Alison.

  2. Caro

    Old to hear that all is well! Thomas was also upside down for quite a while, but think he righted himself sometime around this time. Bouncing on a birth ball is supposed to help. There are also some crazy ideas online about lying on ironing boards… I don’t recommend trying that!

    Ian and I also bet on the HbA1c. I had one yesterday and also lost. I hate it when he’s right! I thought this was a normal part of living with diabetes though, and suggest the consultant might need to get a sense of humour!!!

    Breast feeding in the early weeks can make you feel like you’re permanently attached, but I still think it’s worth it! And it doesn’t last forever!

    1. Caro

      I’ve just come back to this thread… I hope it was obvious that I meant great and not old!!

      1. Alison Post author

        I had hoped it was just a typo 😉

        I’m not sure our ironing board would take my weight, but I’m definitely doing lots of bouncing on my birthing ball, if nothing else it relieves the backache for a bit. It’s quite an entertaining way of watching TV as long as you close the curtains so passers-by don’t think you’re mad!

  3. Bellebe

    Glad to hear all is going well Alison. If you can, definitely, definitely do the colostrum harvesting thing. I did it, thinking it ‘might be a good thing, just in case’… it felt very odd at the time but despite having HbA1c’s between 5.1 and 6.0 throughout the pregnancy my little girl did have low blood sugar within hours of birth and spent 3 days on neonatal being fed my harvested ‘gold’ for 3 days. The emotional/hormonal rollercoster of the first few days is just mental but the added stress of your little one needing extra care is pretty tough. I felt ridiculously helpless but the massive consolation that got me through was knowing that by having all that pre-birth expressed goodness on hand I was doing everything I possibly could for her.
    She’s a fighting fit, happy, smiley, gurgley 16lb bundle of nearly 5 month old loveliness now and I’m still breastfeeding and jiggling basals, boluses and bottles of lucozade to try to keep things on an even keel but latest HbA1c is 6.3 and I’m back in the pre-preggo jeans too! It’s all hard work but it’s all good fun! xx

  4. katherine cromwell

    excellent news Alison. Don’t panic and worry about a thing. You’ve done us all here proud. I’m in awe of your HbA1c!!!

    Look if its any consolation my 3 all went up to the neonatal unit after a c-section. All had low bloods, 2 jaundice and now all 3 are fit and well 15 and 12(twins). I didn’t breast feed not possible but it doesn’t matter. When you see your little girl all that matters is that she is not in any pain and suffering like some of those babies on the NIcu ward. If c-section happens it’ll be for a reason and actually its not that bad! My first was semi emergency as son didn’t want to comply with consultant’s dates and second well daughter breech, twins,risk of other baby turning(he did), risk as had section first time and oh yes that little thing that I’m diabetic meant I had to have another! I had no labour pains the only boring thing was that I complied with the no driving for 6 weeks after. don’t worry if your control is thrown for the first few weeks just make sure you look after the little princess and treat yourself to the odd indulge your allowed to having given birth. take care:-)


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