Ask Fabio Calabria – professional cyclist

By | 25 November, 2012
A bike, probably nothing like one ridden by a professional

A bike, probably nothing like one ridden by a professional

Avid readers of your soaraway Shoot Up forum will recall that we got in touch with Team Type 1 and put some questions about cycling and diabetes to Fabio Calabria – a massively talented professional cyclist and top athlete. He’s won the King of the Mountains Classification in the De Bortoli Tour and the New Zealand Road Championships in addition to a whole range of high-profile competitions.

Anyway, Fabio has been insanely busy racing all round the world but found the time to answer some of our questions on video and here they are, along with some fab bike-porn and Tony from The Sopranos!

3 thoughts on “Ask Fabio Calabria – professional cyclist

  1. Tim Post author

    You might be interested to learn that Shimano DI2 groupset that Fabio demonstrates on his bike (the chain-movy thing for non-cyclists) costs about £2,500. Heaven knows what the entire bike and kit cost…

  2. Alison

    Great video, thanks Fabio (and @Tim for organising). I have no idea about the whole cycling business, but it was really interesting to hear how he manages the diabetes side of it

  3. brian

    @Tim Not being an ‘ Avid readers of your soaraway Shoot Up forum ‘ I at first thought the video was a wind-up. But no, it was genuine? – congratulations great idea either way.

    Fabio certainly knew how his body reacted to jet-lag, extreme exercise etc does he have a personal diabetes trainer/support or does he manage it himself?

    I bet Fabio has a used Shimano DI2 groupset he could let you have, if you asked nicely.


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