ShootUp meet up in Liverpool, this Saturday 14 April

By | 11 April, 2012
Yup, it's Liverpool all right.

Yup, it’s Liverpool all right.

Excitement is building with only days to go until the first ShootUp meet up in Liverpool. Tim and I, plus our pancreatically privileged other halves will be in Doctor Duncan’s pub, St John’s Lane, Liverpool this Saturday, 14 April from 7.30pm. It’s nice and central, just past Queens Square bus station and down the hill from Lime Street Station.

At times like these, the lack of a large “D” tattooed on the forehead of every diabetic does make it hard to spot us in a pub. We’ll cleverly get around this issue by having a packet of fruit pastilles clearly visible on the table, and if you look carefully you’ll probably spot some pump tubing hanging out of waistbands and a slight aroma of insulin in the air. Also, we do bear a slight resemblance to our photos on the blog.

If you’re dubious about meeting some weird folks off the interweb all alone (which is perfectly understandable), fear not, all are welcome – the pancreatically challenged, long/short suffering partners, friends, family, random people you meet on your way. And if you turn up and decide we’re really not your type, don’t worry. We’ll be polite enough to believe that you have to leave after one drink because you’ve just remembered you’ve locked your terrapin in the washing machine.

If you’ve got any questions, just drop me an email

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3 thoughts on “ShootUp meet up in Liverpool, this Saturday 14 April

  1. lady up north

    Its looking very likely that I’m going to be able to get there on Saturday. I’ll even have a bath in honour of the occasion lol


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