One single benefit of being diabetic

By | 8 October, 2010
Illustrating a blatant plug

Illustrating a blatant plug

As we know, there are few pluses to being diabetic. However, dear readers, I can exclusively reveal there is now at least one certain benefit!

As you might know by now (and if you don’t, you will in a moment, damn it) my lovely and talented wife runs a business called stripykat making and selling unique handmade handbags and accessories, which eagle eyed readers will recall I’ve blatantly and shamelessly plugged on Shoot Up before.

If that wasn’t cool enough, stripykat now has a brilliant new website – kindly put together by a talented chap with chiselled, manly and brooding good looks. Said new website admirably shows off the fact that each handbag or accessory is utterly unique, original and beautifully handmade and that stripykat products are perfect if you fancy treating yourself (go on, you deserve it!) or buying a treasured gift for a loved one, close friend or distant and vaguely-remembered relative.

“So where’s the promised benefit to us diabetics?” I hear you cry! On your behalf, I’ve begged Katie to give the pancreatically challenged hoard a discount on stripykat purchases. Yes! From today until 22nd October you’ll get 10% off purchases over £20 if you enter the discount code


at the checkout. Only diabetics (and anyone else who reads this post and pretends to be diabetic) gets this special discount.

So, you see, there is a bright side to diabetes after all! Huzzah and happy shopping!

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About Tim

Diagnosed with Type One when he was 28, Tim founded Shoot Up in 2009. For the diabetes geeks, he wears a Medtronic 640G insulin pump filled with Humalog and uses Abbott's Libre flash glucose monitor.

11 thoughts on “One single benefit of being diabetic

  1. katherine cromwell

    Has Katie designed a bag to carry all your diabetic whatnot in? I think the bags displayed on her website look great. I need a longer look at at the site though childrens homework has to be done and I’m hogging the computer!

    1. Katie

      I have made a bag for TIm for all his whatnot! All the bags especially the shoulder bags are big enough for the usual diabetic kits. Once Tim gets his pump I am looking to making a case similar to the mp3 cases for them. Would this be useful ?

  2. Caroline

    The website looks lovely Katie and Tim – a lovely combination of skills… I daresay a mp3 case type affair would be good for Tim – will it have some sort of manly strap to wear inside clothes? I am still finding that the middle of my bra is working the best, although it occasionally ruins the line of a frock, and the bras themselves are not too keen on the idea. Do you think you might branch into reinforced bras for lady (and discerning gentlemen) pump-users?

  3. Katie

    Bras weren’t on my list of future products to investigate….My diabetic kit bags will be manly and wo-manly and not underwired!

  4. Annette A

    I find trying to wear mine in my bra is just too uncomfortable, so I tend to wear mine on my belt – so some kind of mp3 case with belt loops or some kind of fastening like that (and where the tubing can come out of the bottom of the case rather than the top – so the pump is held upside down, so bubbles dont get into the tubing) would be cool! I make my own, but they are definitely not up to the level that @katie could produce.

  5. Tim Post author

    Thanks @caroline – glad you like the new site. I tell you, getting that bloody peacock on the front page photo to stand in the right place was a nightmare. It took about 25 shots!

  6. Tim Post author

    Second last day for your discount chaps – don’t miss out! Thanks to everyone who’s bought something so far!


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