Why diabetics make good friends

By | 9 April, 2010
Typical friends, round a table.

Typical friends, round a table.

We pancreatically-challenged types are of course a generally lovely bunch, but above and beyond that I think we have some qualities that make us very useful to have around:

  • We’re rarely found without a tempting stash of goodies, and if you’re nice to us we can sometimes be persuaded to share.
  • We can be deployed as a secret weapon when you’ve been waiting hours for food in a restaurant. “My friend is a diabetic and needs food now” gets thing moving surprisingly quickly.
  • We can be relied upon to have a giant bag full of diabetes junk, meaning that your wallet/camera/sunscreen can easily fit in there too.
  • When travelling, our long winded explanations about insulin pumps at airport security act as a great decoy while you smuggle through those extra bottles of moisturiser you forgot you had in your hand luggage.
  • If you get stuck in a really dull meeting and want an excuse to escape, a pancreatically challenged person experiencing a strategic hypo always needs someone to go with them to help out.
  • Need a sterile needle to burst a blister? Look no further.
  • Worried about a family member and want a quick diabetes test – we’re always on call.
  • We’re the nearest you’re going to get to a walking dietary advisor. Want to know whether something has lots of sugar in it? Need help reading a nutritional label? Your friendly diabetic has more experience than most in this area.

And finally, any social event is always improved by a spontaneous hypo resulting in hilarious behaviour which provides people with amusing tales to reminisce over for years.

Get more out of your friends, choose a diabetic friend.

4 thoughts on “Why diabetics make good friends

  1. shiv

    ah yes, my mum once used a sterile needle of mine to burst a blister on her partner’s hand – he had spilt a hot drink on it and the blister covered most of the back of his hand. she sucked out all the lovely stuff with the needle…yum!!!

  2. Charlie

    Don’t forget that having sterile needles also means as a teenager you can be favourite ear piercer to all your friends too!.. but after that incident I only ever had hot drinks at her house, the icecube used to numb the ear was retuned to the same stash – yuk!! Perhaps we should have used Emla cream instead?!!


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