Poll results – how involved are you in diabetes politics?

By | 17 February, 2010

I know you’ve also been waiting for weeks in eager anticipation of our latest poll results. Well, dear readers, wait no more!

Last time we asked how involved you got in diabetes politics. In other words, if you don’t like something about your diabetes care what do you do about it?

Apparently not a lot. With the majority (56%) noting that they got angry but didn’t, in fact, actually do anything about it. From this I guess we can conclude that the majority of diabetics are frustrated passive-aggressive balls of misery. Hurrah!

However, a sizeable number of firebrands actively chase their MPs, health boards and so on to try and force complacent health providers to improve their care. A smaller minority of 12% (whom I suspect is just Alison voting multiple times!) cared enough to note that they would be prepared to start riots, set fire to things and generally cause a nuisance (I suppose violent insurrection is quite a nuisance) to make changes to diabetic health provision.

Finally, the smallest minority (4%) just didn’t give a toss, evidently preferring to vegetate on their sofas instead of actively looking after their health. And, as they say, why not?

The new poll is all about how often you think about your diabetes on a daily basis. Are you obsessive compulsive about it or downright negligent? Click over to the right to register your vote!

Those results in full:

I get cross, but don’t actually do anything – 56%
I’ve written to my MP about diabetes – 28%
Rrragh! Man the barricades! -12 %
Meh, diabetes issues? Who cares? – 4%

3 thoughts on “Poll results – how involved are you in diabetes politics?

  1. Alison

    What an apathetic bunch, I had higher expectations of our readers. It is reassuring to know that I’m not the only one writing to my MP (that would make me feel a little sad and socially bizarre) but it looks like I have a lonely life on the barricades to look forward to 🙂

  2. Tim

    @Alison Don’t worry Alison, I’m sure Geoff will bring you the occasional flask of tea and pack of sandwiches to keep your spirits up while you man them

  3. Alison

    @Tim It’s ok Tim, now I have my Disney dwarf on order he can bring me food (providing I don’t get Lazy!)
    Can I just point out that I’ve never used physical violence against my PCT – some effective writing to rebut their illogical arguments, intelligent questionning and eventually managing them as I would anyone else who was doing a bad job for me worked a treat. No PCTs were hurt whilst securing funding for my pump 🙂


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