Obligatory World Diabetes Day Post

By | 14 November, 2009

Well chaps, it’s that time of year again – World Diabetes Day. It’s like a diabetic Christmas, Yom Kippur and Eid-ul-Fitr all rolled into one. If you don’t already know everything about it you can check out the WDD site here.

My esteemed co-writer has already mentioned some things you might want to do; but I for one, being a huge and active supporter of diabetes causes *cough* will be spending the day tinkering in the garage, going to do nice birthday-related things with my wife and then traipsing to the pub to drink wine with our friends in the evening. Go me – diabetes campaigner supreme!

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About Tim

Diagnosed with Type One when he was 28, Tim founded Shoot Up in 2009. For the diabetes geeks, he wears a Medtronic 640G insulin pump filled with Humalog and uses Abbott's Libre flash glucose monitor.

8 thoughts on “Obligatory World Diabetes Day Post

  1. Alison

    Call yourself a diabetic? You should be ashamed of yourself 😉 Happy tinkering and happy birthday to Katie

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  3. Crystal

    Tim…. [shaking my head]….
    Eh, I don’t have anything planned for WDD either. Except the Big Blue Test at 2pm my time.

    Enjoy tinkering and partying! 😉 Ha.


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