The wanderer returns

By | 22 May, 2009

I love the Internet. I love the fact that it can be used as an interactive broadcast medium that can bring people and communities closer together. I love the way it disseminates information, reducing fear and ignorance – shining the bright light of knowledge into every corner of the earth.

I also love it because it allows me to bore the hell out of hundreds of people by showing them my holiday photos. Yay!

Yes, joyous readers, I’m back from our sojourn to the United States with a whole metric tonne of new articles ready for your reading enjoyment – don’t ever say I’m not good to you.

So once my work backlog of fifteen million emails has been cleared I’ll start posting them up along with Alison’s article goodness. It’s gonna be a summer of diabetes-blogging-bonanza! Rrrrraaaagh!

In the meantime you can content yourself with the lovely new poll system over on the right hand side there. Through the medium of graphs Alison and I will be keeping our collective fingers on the pulse of the diabetes universe through insightful and penetrating questions. Well, either that or we’ll use it for distributing more pointless whimsy.

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