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Shoot Up Poll – when will we get a closed loop?

Da da daaaaaaa! It’s that time of the month again – poll results time. Last month we asked “When do you think the holy grail of a closed-loop insulin pump/BG monitor, that actually works, will be available?” Soaraway Shoot Up readers are obviously a pessimistic lot with “It doesn’t matter, the NHS will never fund… Read More »

Poll results – why should the NHS pay for CGM?

Well, it’s poll results time again chaps. This month your soaraway Shoot Up asked why should the NHS pay for CGMS for diabetics? For the acronymically-challenged among you, CGMS stands for Continuous Glucose Monitoring System and is a device which checks your blood glucose every five minutes or so and beams the results back to… Read More »

Poll results – who’s your diabetes-related idol?

Weeeeeeeeeeelllll, it’s that time of month again when we crank up the supercomputer and calculate the results of the soaraway Shoot Up poll. Last month we asked who was your diabetes-related idol from a choice list of luminaries. Top of the results by a country mile came “None of the above”. Which is a great,… Read More »

Poll results – how should the NHS save money?

It’s that time of the month again, chaps and chapesses – poll results time. Last month I asked how we diabetics should help wrench the government out of decades of poverty and despond by saving money for the NHS. The results were both disturbing and startling, with 52% of my readers voting for the option… Read More »

Poll results – most irritating part of day to day diabetes

It’s approximately mid-way through the month, so that means it’s poll results time (cue wild applause). Last month we asked the diabetic intermaweb community what aspects of the day-to-day ‘running’ of their diabetes caused the most hassle. Top of list comes regular blood tests with 32% of the vote; perhaps unsurprising given checking 2 or… Read More »

Poll results – diabetes frustration

Hello, good evening and welcome to the results of the (approximately) monthly soaraway Shoot Up poll. Last month we asked what frustrates you most about diabetes? Unsurprisingly, perhaps, with 34% of the vote came “the utter illogicality of it all”. I think we’ve all had days where  we’ve filed to take into account the phase… Read More »

Poll results – who’s best for advice

Well, I’m afraid it’s that time of the month again – poll results day. Last month regular-contributor Caroline wanted to know “if you could have in-depth conversations about diabetes care with someone, which do you think would have the most beneficial effect on your care and management?” I think you’ll agree that this was a… Read More »

Poll results – which part of you will pack in first?

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the month – poll result time! Huzzah! At the last soaraway Shoot Up meet up I was discussing poll options and suggested doing one which asked which part of you would pack in first as a result of diabetes-related complications. This was met with general rejection and repugnance that I… Read More »