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Diabetes and holidays – more selfless research

  Pretty Majorcan mountain I’m back! Although from the looks of things you’ve been getting along quite nicely with Tim while I’ve been away. I’ve never seen so many comments, it’s fantastic! I’ve been hiking in Majorca with the husband for a week. I’m assured that the pain in my thighs is due to too… Read More »

In the land of garlic and cheese

You’ll all have noted from her earlier post that that Alison and her hubby are off sailing for a fortnight. Well, not one to be left out, I’m also on holiday for the next six days in the sunny south of France – staying with my folks who live an hour north of Toulouse. Unlike… Read More »

All at sea

The husband and I are off on our jollies for a couple of weeks, so I’ll leave you in the slightly scary but very entertaining care of Tim. We’re going sailing in Greece which should be fabulous. Sailing is always an interesting diabetes challenge. I find I have to plan my insulin alongside the weather forecast. No… Read More »


Edinburgh is currently suffering from a heat wave. No, really. Honestly it’s true. Sometimes in Scotland the cloud, rain, drizzle and sleet briefly clear to allow through a little bit of sun and occasionally the temperature gets into double figures. While I’m enjoying the smell of molten tarmac that wafts through my office windows, and… Read More »