Tim’s Pancreas Limited

During the course of some earlier discussion on your soaraway Shoot Up, I used an over-complicated analogy describing myself as being Managing Director of my diabetes. Never being one to avoid over-egging a pudding, I thought I would draw this out into a whole company, which I’ve dubbed “Tim’s Pancreas Limited”. Being an organised sort of chap, I’ve drawn… Read More »

Shoot Up is proven right again

I was having a gentle peruse of Mike’s review of the Diabetes UK Professional Conference and I was struck by a few things. Firstly, it was good to get an insight into what’s being talked about in the world of diabetes, so if you have no qualms about being unfaithful to us and wantonly read… Read More »

Behind the headlines

Woof woof woof! It’s me – Neville the Newshound! Bringing you all the latest diabetes news and views from the comfort of my basket. I have covered my general contempt for the media’s reporting of diabetes before but, having nothing particularly interesting to report at the moment, thought I would mention the NHS’s “Behind the Headlines” website. Essentially, it… Read More »

QuickSet versus Mio

Throughout the annals of human history there have been many epic battles that have captivated and enthralled the human mind. Sampson versus Goliath; Sparta versus Persia; Blur versus Oasis; Darth Vader versus Captain Kirk; the list goes on. But these – even the famous battle of Thermopylae which set Leonidas against Xerxes – all pale… Read More »

Poll results

Hello! I’m your soaraway Shoot Up’s newest member of staff – Pippa the Polecat! Shoot Up’s *cough cough* monthly polls have been incredibly time consuming for Tim & Alison to operate, so I’ve been drafted in to help set the questions and run the complex computer network which calculates the results. I’ll also count the votes to ensure there’s… Read More »

What’s changed?

Not a right lot by the looks of things. We might have disappeared for two years but on our return our blog posts still offer no useful purpose in society and the comments are a happy mix of abuse and general pedantry. So, aside from having a baby which changed just about everything, has anything actually… Read More »

My pump settings

As I’ve endlessly banged on about on your soaraway Shoot Up’s social media channels; I’m getting a new pump this week. Medtronic’s 640G no less. The thing itself arrived yesterday and I spent an enjoyable (I define “enjoyable” quite widely in this context) evening reading the manual and programming my many and varied basal rates,… Read More »