A Roman, rumbling, yesterday

Your soaraway Shoot Up or Put Up’s charity of choice is the wonderful Pendsey Trust. The Pendsey Trust changes the lives of those living with type one diabetes in developing countries by providing access to education for those affected by diabetes in developing countries with the aim that this will enable these people to enter employment and afford the medical care they need.

You can find out more about The Pendsey Trust on their web site; read the interview we did with them or listen to the original radio documentary that inspired the charity’s formation.

The Roman Rumble

In June 2013, Shoot Up’s Tim and his chum Stephan will be cycling cycled across the country in four days dressed as Romans in an epic of charity fundraising. We’ve come came up with our own route – an adaption of the C2C and Hadrian’s Wall cycle routes – which takes in most of the Roman sites in the north of England. This is where our slightly dodgy Roman theme comes from!

Stephan rumbles, Roman-style

Stephan rumbles, Roman-style

The route

Day 1 – Tynemouth to Corbridge
Day 2 – Corbridge to Brampton
Day 3 – Brampton to Keswick
Day 4 – Keswick to Ravenglass


large-donate-now-buttonThe Pendsey Trust is a tiny, new charity run by four friends in their spare time. As a result their overheads are virtually none and so your donation – no matter how small – will go directly to make a massive difference; for example

  • £40 sends a diabetic child to school for a year
  • £70 buys a diabetic woman a sewing machine and the hope of a sustainable future
  • £200 covers the medical costs of a child with diabetes for a year

So crack out the credit card and chuck a few coins to the Trust via our donation page at

Following our progress

You can find out how badly we’re doing we did by following progress reading about the despond and misery on the blog or via our twitter feed.

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