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Abbott to apply for .dot abbott

Yet again the crazy worlds of diabetes and Internet intellectual property have collided. Those that care about such things (a very small minority if we’re honest) will be interested to learn that everyone’s second favourite pharma company Abbott has today applied for the new top level domain name .dot abbott. So instead of having a… Read More »

ShootUp meet up in Liverpool, this Saturday 14 April

Excitement is building with only days to go until the first ShootUp meet up in Liverpool. Tim and I, plus our pancreatically privileged other halves will be in Doctor Duncan’s pub, St John’s Lane, Liverpool this Saturday, 14 April from 7.30pm. It’s nice and central, just past Queens Square bus station and down the hill from Lime Street Station.… Read More »

Soaraway ShootUp turns three

Unlike most child geniuses, ShootUp is unique in that it’s parents met only once it had been born. How modern. Tim created the monster and Alison joined him in the early days to help tame it. Soaraway ShootUp got off to a flying start with Tim and Alison sharing pretty much every diabetes anecdote they… Read More »

Poll results – Who is your favourite UK diabetes charity?

It’s poll results times again – hurrah! Last month we kicked off a barely disguised popularity contest by asking who’s your favourite UK-based diabetes charity. Despite the inexplicable unpopularity of Diabetes UK’s recent rebrand (“I’ll never support you again, you bastards, unless you reinstate the pink hummingbird!”) they came out top by some way, with… Read More »

Lurkers welcome!

Like the ruling party in some sort of Orwellian dystopian future, here at your soaraway Shoot Up we take a grim satisfaction in watching everything you do on the site. Well, perhaps not quite, but we have noticed that the number people who read our posts and forums hugely exceed the number of people who… Read More »