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The last post

In a shock announcement last night, the authors of unpopular UK diabetes rag Shoot Up or Put Up revealed that they have decided to finally shut up. Prime Minster David Cameron, announced to a packed emergency session in the House of Commons “the soaraway Shoot Up has been a bastion of diabetes-related guff for over… Read More »

Happy birthday soaraway Shoot Up

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy biiirrrrrthday dear soaraway Shoot Up And you smell like one too!!!! As you may have guessed, today is your soaraway Shoot Up’s seventh birthday. Our amazingly snappy domain name was registered on April 1st 2009 (the irony of starting on April Fool’s Day isn’t lost on us)… Read More »

Want to brighten up your life with diabetes?

Get a toddler. They don’t have to be yours, you could borrow one for a while as long as you get the owners permission. They’ll revolutionise your daily pancreatic duties: – No more missed blood tests. Your toddler will wake you everyday with the cheery refrain “its morning time. Do your blood test”. – No… Read More »

Happy New Lancet for 2013

Here at ShootUp, we may be rather lax lancet changers the rest of the year, but we do have some standards. We always crack open a new lancet to celebrate the start of another year. To start the year with a blunt lancet would be disappointing at the very least. Happy New Lancet to all… Read More »

Shoot Up review of the year

Well, chaps, I’m afraid it’s that time of the year again. It’s cold, dark, wet, you’re forced to buy expensive presents for distant cousins you don’t like and you have to pretend to be cheerful. However, in amongst this Stygian bleakness is the one ray of the light that is the wondrous spectacle of the… Read More »

More strange things people ask

Trawling through the site stats for Shoot Up throws up some interesting facts. Plenty of people find us by searching the interweb looking for information about insulin pumps, living with diabetes, carb counting, injecting and the like. But others find us via slightly stranger searches – I’m not sure whether that says more about us… Read More »