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Logging the tempestuous seas of diabetes

Recently I started helping with the beta testing for a diabetes logging Android app – MySugr. I’ll burble on about the app in a future article – *spoiler* it’s quite good – but it’s been the first time I’ve properly logged my diabetes for ages. Many years ago I went on a sailing holiday in… Read More »

Learnings of a diabetic mum

Eva and I are now three months into life and motherhood, and so far so good. Eva has learned to smile, recognise people, chatter away and be generally adorable. Mummy has also learned a lot…  Abandon any hope of pre-bolusing for meals. Just because the baby is asleep when the plate hits the table, doesn’t guarantee… Read More »

The world’s smallest disaster

As I sat on the bus to work this morning – my headphones leaking Megadeth out to my suffering fellow passengers – I had a phone call from Katie: “You’ve left your testing kit on the stairs!” Curses! So after getting off the bus, I walked to Boots a bought a new meter. It was… Read More »

Life after birth

It’s three weeks now since we started playing at being parents, and we’re having lots of fun. My caesarean scar has healed beautifully, which is of course amazing as most clinicians seem to expect that it should be oozing green pus and festering nicely by now, me being diabetic and all. I still can’t lift… Read More »

Introducing Eva

Is everyone still out there? We’ve been cocooned in the wonderful world of our tiny baby for the last fortnight, but now it’s time to come out into the big wide world and say hello. Baby Eva was born on 24 April and cleverly disproved the myth that all diabetics have massive babies by being… Read More »