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The last post

In a shock announcement last night, the authors of unpopular UK diabetes rag Shoot Up or Put Up revealed that they have decided to finally shut up. Prime Minster David Cameron, announced to a packed emergency session in the House of Commons “the soaraway Shoot Up has been a bastion of diabetes-related guff for over… Read More »

BBC: Deadly diabetes in ‘unrelenting march’

The BBC has today reported that “the world is facing an ‘unrelenting march’ of diabetes which now affects nearly one in 11 adults” according to a new report from the World Health Organization. In an unrelentingly cheerful article, the BBC gleefully point out that cases of diabetes (lumping type one and type two together) have nearly quadrupled… Read More »

Latest diabetes news round up

Woof! Here’s the latest round up of diabetes-related misinformation, guff and puffery from the broadsheets, tabloids and worst recesses of the Internet. Firstly, the Daily Mail leads with a typically scaremongering (and extremely long) headline – 1 in 3 adults are on the brink of diabetes but 90% of them don’t know they’re at risk… Read More »

Behind the headlines

Woof woof woof! It’s me – Neville the Newshound! Bringing you all the latest diabetes news and views from the comfort of my basket. I have covered my general contempt for the media’s reporting of diabetes before but, having nothing particularly interesting to report at the moment, thought I would mention the NHS’s “Behind the Headlines” website. Essentially, it… Read More »

Shoot Up is interviewed

As I lay in my basket reading the latest news on my tablet this morning (my tablet is specially adapted to allow me to use it with my paws) I was delighted to see your soaraway Shoot Up being interviewed. This time it was by our favourite charity – the Pendsey Trust – and you… Read More »

UK making progress with pumps, but oh so slowly

This dog was underwhelmed to hear that 7% of people with Type 1 diabetes in the UK now have access to an insulin pump. Compared to 15% in Germany and 40% in the good old US of A, it’s a step in the right direction but a very long way from where we need to… Read More »

Cheery news round up

Browsing the BBC website on my tablet from the comfort of my basket this morning, I came across the following dollups of cheery diabetes news: Stafford Hospital death probed by HSE A criminal investigation into the death of a diabetic woman at Stafford Hospital in 2007 has been launched, the Health and Safety Executive has… Read More »

Animas recall some pumps

Tim’s pharmacist has this morning forwarded me a fax noting that Animas are recalling some of their pumps. Apparently there’s a software issue which will stop them working after 31st December 2015. Oops! The models effected are the Animas IR1200, IR1250 and Animas 2020 and we presume that if you’re a Animas customer they will… Read More »