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By | 22 February, 2016
Pippa the Polecat - poll administrator, yesterday

Pippa the Polecat – poll administrator, yesterday

Hello! I’m your soaraway Shoot Up’s newest member of staff – Pippa the Polecat!

Shoot Up’s *cough cough* monthly polls have been incredibly time consuming for Tim & Alison to operate, so I’ve been drafted in to help set the questions and run the complex computer network which calculates the results. I’ll also count the votes to ensure there’s no cheating – although getting past the incredibly secure polling system is nearly impossible!

If you have any questions you’d like to put to the masses then why not drop me an email on my dedicated, direct, me-only email address – tim+pippa@shootuporputup.co.uk?

Anyway, last “month” we asked “If you had a million pounds to spend on only one diabetes-related issue, what would it be?”

For some reason 50% of you wanted a cure, while a mere 30% opted for “massive, wild party for diabetics only” – what’s wrong with you all? Developing new equipment came in next and a miserly 3% of you would give the cash to charity.

This month I ask:

“What do you think is the most neglected element of diabetes treatment?” – vote over there to the right >>>>

Last month’s results in full:

Research to find a cure (50%)
Massive, wild party for diabetics only (30%)
Develop new pens, meters, etc. (14%)
Develop new, better insulins (4%)
Donate to diabetes charity (3%s)

15 thoughts on “Poll results

    1. Alison

      Welcome Pippa. Will you excuse us a minute…

      Tim , you recruited a polecat without telling me? Who’s going to feed it? We don’t have the resources to support this ever growing menagerie. And what are Neville and the other newshound who’s name I can’t remember going to say? I hope there’s not going to be any fighting.

      1. Tim

        It’s fine, it’s fine – I’ve worked it all out. As you know, Neville – like most King Charles Spaniels – is pretty self-sufficient as he hunts gazelle on the wide, wild plains of Scotland. Ditto Nugent (I CANNOT believe you forgot his name!) Pippa can eat Neville & Nugent’s leftovers and any spare bits of sandwich we have lying about. Not a problem.

          1. Alison

            I agree with Annette, I think you’ve opened yourself up to a whole new world of hypo risk. I’d start with a 10% basal reduction to offset the polecat support and see how it goes. Good luck.

      1. Dave

        Jeez! Too many staff. This rapid expansion will be followed by dogs and polecats having to leave the building carrying boxes with photos of their puppies and polekittens in them; distraught at having to find another job!

        Mind you, such is the world of social media.

        As my dad (never) said: Get a proper job!

        1. Tim

          Our staffing levels are commensurate with your soaraway Shoot Up’s lofty, international expansion program. We’re opening offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and Longyearbyen.

          1. Alison

            It was so lucky that Nigerian prince offered to put all of that money in my bank account, otherwise we’d never have been able to afford all of these new offices.

  1. Dave

    Wow! You’ve been found by one too?

    I’m just waiting to see that payment for the cost of delivery of my gold has arrived and then I’ll be looking for some new property in Cheshire to invest in.

    1. Tim

      True story – years ago I set up a fake persona online and spent some time winding up 419 scammers. My name was Dylan Steel and I was a record producer. I got real (fake) documents from my new chums in Lagos. I also had them call a phone box in rough Glasgow pub – I’m not sure who was more confused the patrons of said pub or the scammer. Certainly the subsequent emails from the scammer suggested a degree of complete bewilderment. It was a lot fun!

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