Introducing Eva

By | 5 May, 2013

Is everyone still out there? We’ve been cocooned in the wonderful world of our tiny baby for the last fortnight, but now it’s time to come out into the big wide world and say hello.


Baby Eva was born on 24 April and cleverly disproved the myth that all diabetics have massive babies by being a perfectly normal 6lb, 14oz.

She’s perfect, completely untouched by the pancreatic challenges she’s been exposed to over the last 9 months. Our only concern is the development of her little fingers – she has us wrapped that tightly around them I don’t know how they’ll have space to grow.

The c-section was actually a really pleasant experience which I’ll write up soon, and the drugs have helped manage the pain since. We’ve been incredibly well looked after by Geoff and my parents so I’ve not done much beyond feeding and cuddling for the last couple of weeks and it’s been a real pleasure. The dairy farm is now running at full production and I’m just starting to get to grips with how breastfeeding impacts blood sugars. Eva_2

So there we have it, the successful conclusion of a diabetic pregnancy. Probably the hardest and at times the most stressful thing I’ve ever done, but also the most worthwhile and rewarding. Diabetes and pregnancy is daunting, but with dedication and hard work it is doable, so if you’re thinking about it don’t be put off by the horror stories, you can do it.

For now, we’re retreating back into our cocoon and enjoying being ridiculously happy, just the three of us.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Eva

  1. lizz

    Congratulations, Alison, she’s gorgeous! Enjoy that really-not-at-all-ridiculous happiness! X

  2. Lesley

    Congratulations, and well done for all the hard work. She’s beautiful. Like Lizz says, enjoy your blissful delirium!

  3. Lola

    What a beautiful child, you must be as happy as a very happy thing! Jolly well done to everyone involved, and congratulations!

  4. Megs

    Congratulations to you and your perfect little girl.


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