Weeks 15-17: it’s oh so quiet

By | 5 December, 2012

Week 15: Shhh, I’m almost afraid to say this for fear it might break the spell, but things seem to have quietened down a bit. Insulin requirements are still dropping ever so slightly, but are the nearest they’ve been to stable for months.

Week 16:  Captain, we’ve got this under control. Things are stable. I haven’t adjusted my basal rates in over a week – the longest they’ve gone unchanged since the start of pregnancy. I’m still monitoring like a demon, but it’s nice to have a bit of a quieter period on the diabetes front, it gives me time to enjoy the pregnancy side of things.

The bump is growing at pace so I’ve moved into maternity jeans. These are the most comfortable clothing known to womankind, I’m hooked. The only problem is where to stick the pump. In my naivety I initially bought a pair of jeans that sit below the bump, but they’ve gone back to the shop because I felt like I had a constant draft on my stomach and a slight sense of being a teenager with my jeans hovering a bit too far below my waist. But at least there was a waistband to clip my pump to. My new, super comfy, over the bump jeans are great. But because the stretchy bit goes over the bump, they don’t have a waistband, so now I have to run the tube up and over the top of the jeans and back down into my pocket, or my bra. A minor unexpected irritation.

Week 17: more antenatal appointments this week. Amusingly the diabetes Dr remembered me as “the one with 6 basal rates”. I haven’t yet worked out why she’s so amazed by my having 6 basal rates or why it makes me quite such an oddity in her mind. HbA1c is 5.3% (34mmols), which is apparently “much better” than the previous 5.7% (39mmols). I tend to disagree, I think they’re both fine, and if anything the 5.3 is too low, caused by the spectacular drop in insulin requirements around week 14.

It’s interesting to see the approach to diabetes results change. During pregnancy, the only thing that matters is keeping blood sugars low without falling over hypo. No one really cares how you do it. You can overdose on insulin and maintain blood sugars by eating every 15 minutes if that works for you, just make sure you deliver the results. I know I get best results in an afternoon by having a snack around 3.30pm. If I don’t, I go low, but if I take less insulin, I run a bit too high, so food is the best answer. In the non pregnant world I wouldn’t stand for that – it seems unnatural to have to eat when I have a pump, I should be able to manage the insulin so I don’t have to. But for the next few months, if it works, I’m doing it.

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      They’re amazing, I fear I may never go back to normal jeans again. I’ve never been so comfy! They should make a male version, I imagine they’d be very good for beer bellies

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