NICE to rate trusts on implementing new treatments

By | 29 August, 2012

This dog has long been concerned by the fact that insulin pumps were approved by NICE in 2003, yet in some parts of the country getting hold of a pump is still tougher than teaching a dog to carb count.

It seems NICE have woken up to the fact that making up the rules isn’t enough, you also have to monitor how well people stick to them to drive take up. From September they’ll be publishing an “innovation scorecard” so humans can see which trusts are adopting new treatments and drugs most quickly. And then use that information to challenge their hospital as to why they’re lagging behind, or go walkies to the hospitals that are providing the latest treatment.

For more detail, see INPUT’s post on the subject here.

7 thoughts on “NICE to rate trusts on implementing new treatments

  1. Alison

    Hurrah, we’ve always been pretty good at setting policy, but rubbish at actually implementing it, so hopefully this will at least give us the data to show who’s doing it well and who isn’t. Should help from a campaigning perspective if nothing else.

    1. Alison

      I think DAFNE is NICE approved so that should be covered. But I’d guess that it won’t show who are doing no decent training, and who have just gone for a non NICE approved training option.

        1. Alison

          Yes, but I think DAFNE is the only structured education that NICE recognise as meeting their guideline – which is a bit like saying everyone must have a car, but a Ferrari is the only car we recognise 😉

  2. Tim

    A pedant notes that NICE only applies to England and Wales; we have the SIGN guidelines in Scotland, but these tend to be fairly close to NICE. What they do in Northern Ireland God only knows…

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