Diabetics cost more than dogs…probably

By | 20 August, 2012
A typical dog, yesterday

A typical dog, yesterday

This dog thought vets fees were expensive, but apparently diabetics cost even more to keep than dogs. The latest figures show that the 40 million prescriptions for diabetes drugs issued by the NHS each year cost over £760m.

Type 1s smugly point out that there are more Type 2s so they’re obviously the ones taking most of the budget. But JDRF point out that insulin costs make up over half of the bill, and that’s mostly used by Type 1s. Diabetes UK also have quite an interesting overview of the numbers.

From this I conclude: don’t get a diabetic, they’re expensive, it’s much more economical to get a dog.

By the way, I was planning to spend today relaxing in my basket with a juicy bone, but @Marianne’s comments on my previous efforts encouraged me to do a bit more reading. This dog is easily motivated by compliments.

11 thoughts on “Diabetics cost more than dogs…probably

  1. Tim

    As I dimly recall from my pharmacist chum, Humalog is as cheap as chips and Lantus / Levimir is the expensive stuff. As pumps just use the quick acting, cheap insulin then pumps actually save money in terms of cost of ownership. Or something.

          1. Alison

            Ooo, so the cost conscious diabetic on MDI should really commit to getting up every 2 hours during the night to inject Humalog, thereby saving having to waste money on more expensive long acting insulin.

          2. Tim

            Every 2 hours? Small doses every ten minutes surely? Any MDI’er who doesn’t do this is an enemy to the state. And probably a Communist.

  2. Marianne

    Go, Neville, go!

    Pound for pound you punch way above your grade. And I find that impressive. In fact, so impressive that I’d love to introduce Kobi and Tashi (the pooches who own me) to you. What a pack you’d all make …

      1. Alison

        Very cute, but surely you’re taking blatant advertising to the extreme by attaching a stripykat Kindle case to the poor creature’s tail?

      2. Marianne

        Kritter Korner? Never!!! I’m 100% sure that Skye is your resident “BSL low” sniffing companion who has been well trained to save your life …

        Kobi and Tashi are suitably impressed and have registered on a training program so that they can ‘sniff’ my lows and can, consequently, ensure the supply chain.

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