The Sun does diabetes

I found a copy of today’s Sun in my litter tray (best place for it) and noticed an article about diabetes ( . It starts:

A BRIGHT-EYED terrier has been named Hero Pet of the Year after twice saving the life of her diabetic owner.

So we know we’re onto a winner – combination of ‘loveable pooch’, brave tot (who’s actually 37) and a killer disease. Highlights of the article include:

  • “David…has Type 1 diabetes, which causes sufferers to have sudden hypoglycaemic attacks if blood sugar levels reach dangerously low or high levels.”
  • “If they [diabetics] are not treated with insulin quickly enough the lack of oxygen to the brain can cause them to fall into a coma.”
  • Having a hypo is described as “suffer[ing] an attack”
  • “I forced my way in and I found David semi-conscious on the floor with severe diabetic complications“. Complications? What, rotting toes, neuropathy? That quickly?

The mind truly boggles, it really does. If I could weep I really would; but I can’t as I’m a dog.

(Hat tip to Joe Freeman on twitter for noticing this inspired piece of reporting in the first place.)

16 thoughts on “The Sun does diabetes

  1. Mike


    Surely this must win some sort of prize as the highest number of stupidly inaccurate (and potentially dangerous) errors within the fewest words? We’ll just have to hope that Sun reader’s powers of recall fail them just once unless we want some unfortunate diabetic to be ‘helped’ in the high street by insulin-toting red-top readers wafting oxygen at them with a copy of the Sun (or possibly a dog) while they are sprawled in a sweating gibbering heap during ‘an attack’.

  2. Tim

    As Neville said, the mind does truly boggle. It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong and thus maddening. I imagine though, sadly, it’s not unique to diabetes. I bet epilepsy or asthma forums light up then when something gets reported about their conditions.

    We should team up with our other chronic condition cousins and give an award for the “Crappiest Most Inaccurate Reporting of the Year”

    1. lady up north

      Further to our chat in Liverpool – do you mean the Twitchers and Chokers ? (big grin)

  3. The ... Diabetic

    I’ve decided to run a little competition among friends and family on my FB to see who can spot the errors (in return for an alcoholic beverage)! Here’s hoping they are slightly better informed than the average Sun journalist!

    1. Tim

      Yes, us diabetics should go through an article about haemophilia or cystic fibrosis and see if we spot all the errors!

    2. Alison

      If we don’t hear from you for a while @the3dotsdiabetic we’ll assume your family have pinned you down and connected you to a permanent oxygen supply with a dog watching over you to prevent possible attacks

      1. The ... Diabetic

        @alison It wouldn’t surprise me if they pin me down just to get the drink! 😉

        @tim will we get a drink if we manage to find all of them? I like the idea of getting together and giving an award. It’s only May, and there’s already been some amazing stories this year!

  4. lady up north

    I phoned for an ambulance and David was in hospital for several weeks.

    Astonishing ! One can only assume that Sheffield hospital has lots of empty beds. Round here you may get to spend several hours in A&E but thats pretty much it, or at most an overnight on a ward.

      1. Alison

        Perhaps they’d been trained by The Sun and were trying to regulate his oxygen levels with insulin. In which case, that’d be a long job.

        1. lady up north

          I have just read “Empire of the Wolves” by J-C Grange. (aside comment, thoroughly enjoyed the story). Did wonder about this quote from it though (apols for any copyright infringement):

          While studying in Munich, (character) was hospitalized after an attack on diabetes. The German doctors had decided to treat him in an unusual way: periods spent in a pressurised chamber so as to oxygenate his body better.

          What a strange world it is – I read this only a matter of days after this thread was started on here :))

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