Scots to get insulin pumps shocker

By | 27 February, 2012
A typical Scottish residence

A typical Scottish residence

Happy days for potential pumpers in Scotland. In response to huge amounts of nagging from pancreatically challenged Scots, IPAG and Diabetes UK, Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon announced today:

“By the end of March 2013, this treatment [insulin pumps] will be made available to the 480 children and teens struggling with type 1 diabetes who could benefit from it…Over the next three years, NHS Boards will also increase the number of insulin pumps available to all Scots to 2,000, tripling the current amount.”

This dog is pleased to see a great result from a campaign that’s been ongoing for some time now.

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15 thoughts on “Scots to get insulin pumps shocker

  1. Alison

    So nice to see a campaign making a difference and some change actually happening. Well done to everyone involved in the campaign. And fingers crossed it is well implemented and the reality matches the rhetoric.

  2. Mike

    Hurrah! That’s great news.

    Look at that… three comments and they are all *quite* positive. Some sort of ShootUp record surely?

    1. Alison

      I did have to hold myself back from writing that tripling pump numbers over the next 3 years, from a pretty low base, will still leave a fair few people without access to pumps. But then I decided not to rain on their parade and to recognise that from the rubbish situation they have at the moment, this is great progress.

      Damn it @mike, now you’ve made me write that. Let’s finish on a positive – hurrah for the Scots moving into the 21st century!

  3. Donald Thomson

    I’m due to get to the head of the queue by the end of 2013 so does this mean there might actually be a pump waiting for me when I get there?!

  4. aileen

    No raining on the parade Alison! Still not great news! We need more info. If it’s not individual boards targets and just continuous ‘monitoring’ then things still won’t be great for kids in every health board. And as it stands it shows little increase for adults., is any at all : ( Still lots of work needing done!

  5. Tim

    @aileen – any idea how long the funding will last for Aileen? After three years will it fall back to previous levels?

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