Poll results – how much does your partner help with hypos?

By | 16 February, 2012
Shoot Up readers make use of the complex voting mechanism

Shoot Up readers make use of the complex voting mechanism

Last month (well, maybe a touch longer ago than last month, but who’s counting?) we asked how much does your partner help with your hypos. Do they run about like a mad thing helping you find Lucozade or do they shrug noncommittally and go back to watching the X Factor, or something equally inane on the telly?

Well, 41% of voters replied that their partner is concerned and is ready to help but generally lets them get on with sorting our their own hypo. As a committed diabetic this is my preference, there’s nothing more annoying than someone asking “are you low?” when you’re in the midst of a horrific hypo.

32% of voters berated your soaraway Shoot Up as being insensitive for even bringing up the question of having a partner. As a result of the popularity of this option we are now planning a diabetic-only dating site “Love Up or Put Up”. It’ll be great.

16% of people had partners that do help with hypos and 11% had vile, insensitive partners who don’t even notice hypos – in the words of Rikie Lake “you gotta kick him to the curb, sister”.

So there we have it. This month we kick off a blatant popularity contest when we ask “Who is your favourite UK diabetes charity?” Vote over there on the right!

Those results in full:

  • He / she is concerned but let’s me get on with helping myself (41%)
  • I don’t have a partner you insensitive bastard (32%)
  • He / she runs around and gets me everything I need (16%)
  • He / she doesn’t even notice when I have a hypo (11%)



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Diagnosed with Type One when he was 28, Tim founded Shoot Up in 2009. For the diabetes geeks, he wears a Medtronic 640G insulin pump filled with Humalog and uses Bayer's Contour Next Link blood glucose meter.

21 thoughts on “Poll results – how much does your partner help with hypos?

  1. Megs

    As a female potential voter in the Shoot Up poll, please can I have an option to spend my money on booze and wild men. Its not that I would necessarily choose this option over all the other honourable charities listed, but its a nice thought.

  2. Annette A

    Does the option ‘Charity begins at home’ mean I can spend it on a new kitchen and redecorating the house? If so, I’d go for that…(I mean, if I have a nice, stress free, lovely house to live in, I’d be less likely to get stress induced hpyo/hyper/any other diabetic related reaction…)

    1. Tim Post author

      Yes, yes it does. You can give money to the “Annette Kitchen and Redecoration” fund if you like. Also feel free to donate to the “Tim’s New Smasung Galaxy Tablet” fund too!

    2. katherine cromwell

      Check out Tesco as they now do Kitchens! Think of all those extra points!!!!!!!!!

      @Tim Smasung ? Try Sainsburys lots of deal;s there but not as keen on the rewards!

      A garden fund for us please or even a nice ? ok at least crack free bedroom fund (shut up those naughty minded people!) 9 years of sleeping in room which needs sorting drastically, kids come first! Help (cone of shame)

  3. Rohan

    Heh, thanks Alison! Any movement on this?! 😛 I’ve been a bit busy finding places to live recently to meet new people!

    1. Tim Post author

      @neobrainless – the dating site isn’t quite ready yet; but don’t worry, we’ll just pimp you out manually in the meantime. How about this:

      Rohan is a very handsome, young, up and coming engineer based in the West Country with all his own teeth. Kind & caring, Rohan would make an ideal partner for the bright young girl about town.

      Rohan is now finally out of prison and despite the court-ordered curfew is allowed out of his squalid one room squat one hour per week. Cross-eyed and speaking with an impenetrable Slovakian accent, Rohan is an ideal dinner date if you’re able to ignore the incessant kleptomania, narcolepsy and coprophilia.

      If Rohan sounds like a catch, then email the usual address and we’ll set up a date.

      That okay Rohan?

          1. Rohan

            Sadly, since pasting that into my OKC profile there has been no upturn in interest. Though it’s not all bad, there’s been no downturn either. A steady plateau at zero 😛

          2. Tim Post author

            Oh man! We must have some single, female readers in the South West. Email me at the usual address and Shoot Up will do matchmaking… 🙂

  4. Paul

    @tim I can’t see the poll on a mobile, although I’m happy to entertain that I’m looking in the wrong place if it avoids you breaking the site for the next month!

    If its not there put me down as ‘charity? Surely DUK should be paying for my drinks not t’other way round!’

    1. Tim Post author

      You and your mobile have caused more premature greying than I can imagine 😉 I’ll see if I can fix it next week!

      1. Paul

        This is what you get for letting engineers on the site!

        I think I must have had eyesight problems caused by poor glucose control as I can see it now!

  5. Dave

    Loving the new poll Tim.

    I’m also loving the irony of Seek Diabetes Awareness having zero votes so far. Maybe we need to set up another organisation called Seek Awareness of Seek Diabetes Awareness? If that also fails to register on people’s conscious then we need to set up ….. (you can see where I’m going with this ;-))

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