Happy New Lancet for 2012

By | 1 January, 2012

Celebrate the new year ShootUp style with a shiny new blood letting device

Happy New Lancet to all our readers.

Please join us in cracking open a brand new shiny lancet in celebration of the new year.

In 2012 may your carbs be countable, your blood sugars controllable and your pancreatic challenges manageable.

Have a good one.

Alison & Tim x

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About Alison

Diagnosed with Type One in 1983 at the age of four, Alison's been at this for a while now. She uses Humalog in a combined insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring system and any blood glucose meter as long as it takes five seconds or less.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Lancet for 2012

      1. Tim

        You should be able to edit and delete it – if not I can do that for you with my magic powers! Oh, and happy New Year to you too!

  1. Donald Thomson

    I’ve gone one better and replaced the entire blood-letting gadget with one which actually has a working spring. Much better results (quantity of blood, not glucose content). Here’s hoping 2012 brings us all health, happiness and (clutching at straws here) a brand-new insulin pump.

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