Getting onto the festive frequency

By | 24 November, 2011

I can tell Christmas is coming, oh yes, nothing much gets past me. The shops are full of novelty festive items, from dancing snowmen to singing santas, rockin reindeers and over excited elves. And all the little darlings are singing a slightly different tune at a slightly different time just to add that extra frisson of irritation.

But this is ShootUp I hear you cry. This is supposedly a blog about diabetes, yet you’re just wittering aimlessly about festive tat. Surely you’re not that short of stuff to write about?  Fear not, this is incredibly diabetes relevant. Why? Because the noise those damn singing santas make is on roughly the same sound frequency as the alarm on my pump. When I’m standing next to them it’s not a problem, I can easily identify that it’s a snowman singing Jingle Bells rather than my pump. But when I’m on the other side of the shop and there’s one of them jabbering away in the distance, I just pick up the odd note, and every time I instinctively check my pump because it sounds exactly like my pump alarm. It’s going to be a long December.

23 thoughts on “Getting onto the festive frequency

  1. Tim

    Presumably different pump manufacturers have different tones for their alarms. Therefore if we got enough different pumps and forced them to alarm, we could play a crude, beepy version of Ding Dong Merrily on High without too much difficulty. I could see the YouTube video of that going viral!

  2. Mike

    So a question all pumpers, if you could customise your pump alarm with any choice of music/tone/noise, what would you choose? Festive theme only!!! 🙂

    1. Tim

      I would have the full version of Stop the Calvary by Jona Lewie. Once started it would be unstoppable until the full 4 minutes 29 seconds of the the song had elapsed.

      1. Tim

        Hi Evan – welcome to Shoot Up! I see that in your profile your diagnosis year is 2012 – that’s optimistic! 😉

        I’m glad we’ve now got onto metal – I’m a fully signed up member of the Iron Maiden fan club! 😀 (Thought I suspect Maiden are a bit old hat nowardays…)

        1. Evan

          Yup, brand new to this pancreatic-challenged lifestyle! I was taken to the hospital by my dad with a BG of 1400 (yes, that’s correct) and an osmolality of 419. I’m lucky to not have died that day. But that’s minor stuff 😉

          Maiden hasn’t lost a step, IMO. They still put out quality albums!

  3. Dave


    I’m fighting a battle at work daily about Christmas.

    I love it. The celebration, present giving, overeating and non-stop drinking. It’s my favourite time of year.

    However,…… decorations, carols, Christmas songs should not be commenced until the 1st of December. Today is, let me just check the calendar, No-vem-ber. A time of autumn, playing in the leaves, etc, etc, etc.

    I’ll set a reminder to come back to this thread next Thursday.

    1. Tim

      I think Christmas isn’t long enough – ideally it should start in around mid-March and carry on until mid-January. That would be great!!

    2. Mike

      I usually feel just the same, but this year (maybe it’s all the incessant global meltdown doom and gloom in the meeja) I can’t wait for it to start. Well that and I’ve got a few extra days off over the period…

  4. Megs

    For me it would have to be The Frog Chorus for my festive pump alarm.

    Win or lose, sink or swim
    One thing is certain we’ll never give in……

    Play the game, fight the fight.
    but what’s the point on a beautiful night…..

    Incredibly irritating yet I I’d love the frogs to wake me up to an impending hypo.

  5. Annette A

    Isnt there a pump (I think available in the US) that you can customize the alarm? I think its the Animas Ping (?)
    I’d have Crazy Frog so as to annoy everyone else as much as it annoyed me…(It was out at Christmas, so it should qualify…)
    In the Phillippines, Christmas starts on 1st September, and continues for 4 months. Luurvely…
    And finally: Ding dong merrily on Hi?

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