Poll results – who’s your diabetes-related idol?

By | 2 December, 2010
Poor JJR Macleod - no-one knew who he was

Poor JJR Macleod - no-one knew who he was

Weeeeeeeeeeelllll, it’s that time of month again when we crank up the supercomputer and calculate the results of the soaraway Shoot Up poll. Last month we asked who was your diabetes-related idol from a choice list of luminaries.

Top of the results by a country mile came “None of the above”. Which is a great, positive result giving a fantastic insight into the minds of the diabetes online community. Looking at the poll logs (which I maintain to ensure our polls are conducted in the most rigorous, scientific way possible. Honest.) it appears that skulduggery and multiple voting may have influenced this result. I’m not going to name names, but if you want to point fingers then point ’em directly at @stephen and @ckoei!

Anyway, rigging aside, good old Fred Banting came next – which is fair enough, given that without him we’d all be dead.

Sir Steve Redgrave came out in third place, which was nice; followed by HG Wells – sci-fi godfather, diabetic and co-founder of Diabetes UK. JJR Macleod came in next, scoring only one vote – probably because no one knew who he was (he ran the lab in which Banting worked and shared the Nobel Prize with him for the discovery of insulin).

In final place came Nick Jonas – whom Wikipedia tells me is an “American singer-songwriter, musician and actor best known as one of the Jonas Brothers”. I’ve no idea who he is and apparently neither did you. So there we are.

This month’s new poll has been suggested by regular reader and poll-rigger extraordinaire @ckoei, who asks “Why should the NHS pay for CGMS for diabetics?” In terms of answers you can pick from:

  • Prevent incapacitation through nephro/retinopathy
  • Improve general quality of day to day life
  • Save us having to finger prick so much
  • Shiny gadgets are cool
  • Just ’cause we’re worth it

So vote away – and try not to cheat too much this time!

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  1. Cecile

    @tim: Your censoring&fudging of my offering have nipped my compulsive voting finger in its bud: without “Alison will ‘don dominatrix duds’ if they don’t” and “’cause you think it stands for Colossal Glasses of Malted Scotch”, it’s a bland and dreary lot to choose from (,_,)

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