Bathe in my munificent glory

By | 28 May, 2010

Well, this week I had my annual diabetic MOT up at the Royal Infirmary. Sadly, for ghoulish readers, there’s nothing much to report. Everything is going fine, no limbs have rotted off, I can still see and hypo awareness is good. Even the goldfish in the fish-tank in the reception area were looking good – no fin rot, white eye or anything.

After the regulation armful of blood was taken by a very pleasant, chatty nurse and a bladder-full of pee donated (eugh!), I sat down in reception and read my book for a bit before being summoned by the Prof. for my annual review proper.

As expected, everything was fine with my HbA1C clocking in at a very satisfactory 6.7% (feel free to bathe in my munificent glory, you know you want to!) We had a brief discussion about a better way of avoiding hypos at the weekend (which tends to be a bad hypo time for me) and then the rest of session chatting about this and that, with me plugging my web site and the Prof. plugging his ( – a great resource if you want incredibly in-depth information about hypoglycemia).

So, all in all, a good time was had by all. This is how the annual MOT should be.

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Diagnosed with Type One when he was 28, Tim founded Shoot Up in 2009. For the diabetes geeks, he wears a Medtronic 640G insulin pump filled with Humalog and uses Bayer's Contour Next Link blood glucose meter.

16 thoughts on “Bathe in my munificent glory

  1. Alison

    You are obviously a diabetes god, I shall eat a green fruit pastille in your honour and offer you my sincere congratulations!

      1. Mike

        I’m told it is the French part of Switzerland if that helps, so I have absolutely no idea whatsoever, but am certainly wiling to find out! 🙂

  2. Tim Post author

    It’s just round the lake from Geneva, but I think extensive research into their beers is very, very important

  3. Tim Post author

    @teloz – he he he! “Smary git” is exactly right! Though I get high readings all the time (in fact my good result disguises a whole bunch of highs and lows, which average out to a nice reading) so it’s not all good.

  4. Cecile

    @tim: I’m afraid 6.7 isn’t munificent enough to bathe in…for that you need something far beyond 10 (though I have to say, to me, honey-sweet urine has about the ablutionary allure of asinine milk)

  5. Carrie

    I’m just impressed that the Royal has a fish tank in reception! The Western has nothing so grand, just other patients.

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